General Principles


3.1   Compliance with Laws

    1. The Lii Hen Group operates in a highly regulated business environment and its activities are subject to numerous laws, regulations and licensing conditions. Affected Personnel must ensure that they familiarise themselves with the laws, regulations and license conditions applicable to their activities. If in doubt, Affected Personnel are to seek advice.

    2. Affected Personnel activities and the business activities of the Lii Hen Group must be conducted in absolute compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

    3. Lii Hen Group aims to provide a safe working environment for its Affected Personnel and for its customers and other business partners. Employees must work safely and adhere to appropriate industry practices and laws to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, customers and other business partners.

3.2   Fair Dealing

    1. The aim of Lii Hen Group is that it provides an environment in which all Affected Personnel, customers, suppliers and other business partners are treated fairly and equitably irrespective of, amongst others, sex, race, sexual orientation, age, disability, and religion or ethnic origin. Affected Personnel are to conduct themselves and the business activities of the Group to facilitate these aims being achieved.

    2. Lii Hen Group will compete effectively and fairly in the markets in which it operates. It will be honest, ethical and responsible in the way it presents products and services to its customers, uses its market power and its pricing practices.

    3. Lii Hen Group will be fair, honest and transparent in its relationship with suppliers and contractors from selection through to payment and termination of the relationship.

    4. All commercial transactions will be properly and accurately recorded and documented

    5. Corrupt practices, whether directly or through intermediaries, are unacceptable. No bribes or improper payments, gifts or inducements will be made to, or accepted from, any party, irrespective of local business custom and practices. However, in recognition of the reality of commercial and business practices, the Lii Hen Group acknowledges that modest gifts and reasonable entertainment are acceptable as part of the normal course of business provided that such gifts or entertainment are not supplied, or received, in circumstances indicating an inducement or reward has been given, or received.

3.3   Confidentiality & Protection & Company Assets

    1. Affected Personnel must keep confidential all information that would reasonably be considered to be confidential, including but not limited to terms and conditions of contracts entered into by Lii Hen Group, employee and customer details, performance and financial details and policies and procedures of the Lii Hen Group.

    2. The Lii Hen Group will maintain the privacy of confidential information relating to its Affected Personnel and customers.

    3. Assets and confidential information should be fully protected and must not be used by Affected Personnel for personal gain or for any other reason that is not in the best interests of the Lii Hen Group.

    4. Misappropriation of property owned by the Lii Hen Group, Affected Personnel, customers or suppliers will not be tolerated. Any misappropriation should be immediately reported and properly investigated. Appropriate disciplinary and or legal action will be taken.

3.4   Environment

    1. Affected Personnel are to act in the best interests of the Lii Hen Group

    2. Affected Personnel must not engage in activities that directly or indirectly involve, or could appear to involve, a conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the Lii Hen Group.

    3. Areas where conflicts might arise include: substantial share ownership in competing organisations, direct or indirect personal interest in contracts, dual employment with outside organisations or seeking or accepting gifts or entertainment beyond levels considered reasonable in the business environment of the Lii Hen Group.

    4. Any actual or potential conflicts of interest are to be fully disclosed to appropriate management and/or Board of Directors and where such circumstances are permitted by management and/or the Board of Directors to continue, shall not be deemed a breach of this Code.

3.5   Reporting Non-Compliance

    1. Affected Personnel are to report genuine suspicions of non-compliance with this Code.

    2. The reporting of non-compliances with this Code may either be made to the appropriate supervising manager and/or Board of Directors or may be done in accordance with the Whistleblower Framework and Policy which shall be a safe environment in which to speak up without fear, reprisal or victimisation.