Investor Relations and Shareholder Communication


The Board recognises the importance of timely dissemination of material information to shareholders and other stakeholders to ensure that the shareholders and other stakeholders are well informed of major developments and as such, adopts an open and transparent policy in respect of its relationship with its shareholders and investors.


The Board ensures the timely release of financial results on a quarterly basis and the issue of Annual Reports, are to provide shareholders with an overview of the Company’s performance and operations in addition to the various announcements made during the year.


The Company may conduct dialogues with financial analysts from time to time, if necessary, as a means of effective communication that enables the Board and Management to convey information relating to the Company’s performance, corporate strategy and other matters affecting shareholders’ interests.


A press conference will normally be held after each General Meeting. At this press conference, the Chairman or CEO/MD will give a press release stating the Company’s results, their prospects and outline any specific event for notation. All press releases will be vetted by the Corporate Affair Manager to ensure that information that has yet to be released to Bursa Securities is not released to the press.


The Company’s website ( provides easy access to corporate information pertaining to the Company and its activities and is continuously updated.


The Senior Independent Non-Executive Director and/or Company Secretary are persons appointed to whom concerns relating to the Company may be conveyed.