2.1   Purpose of the Code

    1. This Code provides ethical and legal guidance to all Affected Personnel in the conduct of their business and that of the Lii Hen Group.

    2. This Code provides a common behavioural framework for all employees of the Lii Hen Group, irrespective of their specific job or location. However, it is not intended to be all-encompassing and there are areas in which the Lii Hen Group has developed or will develop specific detailed policies. This Code is to be read and applied in conjunction with such policies.

2.2   Applicability of the Code

    1. This Code applies to all Directors and employees of the Lii Hen Group (the “Affected Personnel”).

    2. The standards set out in this Code extend beyond normal working hours, and apply to Affected Personnel fulfilling their roles while on the business of the Lii Hen Group, including after hours functions, conferences and social activities.

    3. It is a condition of employment and/or appointment with the Lii Hen Group that all Affected Personnel comply with this Code and all applicable laws, regulations and other policies of the Lii Hen Group and failure to comply may result in the commencement of disciplinary proceedings that may lead to termination of employment and/or appointment.