Specific Principles


4.1   Employees

  1. Lii Hen Group envisages itself as an equal opportunity employer and aims to:

    1. make human resource decisions on the basis of merit with the information available to it, including the possession of skills, experience, qualifications and characteristics relevant to the performance of work;
    2. ensure unlawful discrimination does not occur in the workplace or in circumstances arising out of the employment relationship;
    3. maintain a workplace free from sexual harassment, unfair discrimination or other offensive conduct; and
    4. Ipromote a work environment in which individuals have the opportunity to develop and realise their full potential.
  2. An employee who is found to be in breach of this Code, other Lii Hen Group policies or applicable laws will be subject to disciplinary action. Inappropriate conduct or performance, or non-compliance issues will be brought to the attention of the employee who will be allowed to respond to any allegations. Except in the case of summary dismissal for serious misconduct, employees should be given a reasonable chance to remedy the inappropriate conduct or performance.

  3. Any grievances with respect to an employee’s employment, treatment, the action of other staff members, customers or suppliers or compliance with this Code or other policies should be raised.

  4. The Global People Policy sets out these policies in more detail and must be complied with, with such variations as are necessary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as set out in the relevant Country People Policy.

4.2   Occupational, Health, Safetly & Environment

  1. It is envisaged that the Lii Hen Group will conduct its business activities and operations in a safe manner and in an environment that prevents, to the extent possible, injury to its Affected Personnel, customers, suppliers and contractors.

  2. Lii Hen Group endeavours to ensure that the Lii Hen Group will reduce the environment impacts of its business activities and will seek to do this through continual improvement of environment performance, protection and safety.

  3. Lii Hen Group is committed to provide effective support and training for the employees of the Lii Hen Group to assist them in their responsibilities of ensuring a safe workplace and reducing the environment impacts of their activities.

4.3   Know Your Customer and Proper Documentation

  1. Employees are required to conduct due diligence on new customers, suppliers and business partners of the Lii Hen Group (including any intermediaries acting on behalf of such customers, suppliers and business partners) and monitor their activities to identify any issues of concern.

  2. Employees are required to ensure that payments in respect of all transactions and business activities of the Lii Hen Group are properly documented to indicate that such payments are made to the proper party for legitimate purposes and in respect of which proper consideration has been received